Experimental journeys and cultural art workshops

Experimental Journeys and Cultural Art Workshops

We invite you to discover the wisdom of our Earth, expressed by local artisans who will guide us with their hands through ancient techniques, that have permeated the history of their lives for many generations.


Different proposals guide us through the love and wisdom of men and women from this Earth, nourishing us with Light in daily spaces of peace and intimacy.

tambores de la mano


We will visit the places where local people have shown our greatness, abilities and potential. Human beings united to the Earth, animals and all kingdoms


Our Mission

Honor ourselves the way we are

Resting twined in conscious listening to our traces and stories.

Be grateful to our past and live life to the fullest in the present.

Embrace who we are to get a look of pure acceptance from the power of love.

No judgment, more experience, MORE LIVING

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